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24 July 2007 (17:53:33)

Four convenient ways to pay your subscription

Annual subscriptions are valid for 12 months from the date of payment. There are usually six or seven issues of the magazine per year.

You can opt to receive the print version of the magazine or the Kindle/iPad version or both – the subscription price is the same regardless. Please tell us which versions you would prefer (we will send you only the print version unless you tell us otherwise).

1) By credit card or debit card online with PayPal – You may subscribe to Liberator, or renew an existing subscription, using PayPal. PayPal is a safe and convenient way to pay online.

To ensure that you continue to receive the magazine regularly, we recommend that you choose the ‘automatic renewal’ option so that Liberator can renew your subscription automatically in a year's time (unless you inform us otherwise). Please note that this option is the credit card or debit card equivalent of a subscription by direct debit. If you do not wish to renew your subscription, the onus is on you to cancel before your renewal date. We do not offer mid-year cancellations or refunds.

One-off Payment Membership Subscription Automatic Renewal
UK new subscription (£25 per year)
UK renewal (£25 per year)
Overseas new subscription (£30 per year)
Overseas renewal (£30 per year)

If you have any questions about your subscription, please e-mail us

2) By direct bank transfer – Subscribers both in the UK and overseas may pay by direct bank transfer. Please also notify us by email with your name and complete postal address to

UK subscribers should send their payment (£25 per year) to:

Account name: Liberator Publications
Bank: National Westminster (Chorlton-cum-Hardy branch)
Sort code: 01-01-97
Account number: 04631935
Communication: “Annual subscription from [your name and postal address]”

Subscribers outside the UK can subscribe by international bank transfer (but must pay any bank charges). Overseas subscriptions cost £30 per year. Please give the following information to your bank:

Amount: GB pounds sterling 30
Destination account name: Liberator Publications
Destination bank: National Westminster Bank (Chorlton-cum-Hardy branch), Manchester M21 0BR, England
IBAN (account number): GB15 NWBK 0101 9704 6319 35
Communication: “Annual subscription from [your name and postal address]”

3) By cheque – If you have a UK bank account, you may subscribe by cheque. Send a cheque for £25 (UK) or £30 (overseas) (payable to ‘Liberator Publications’), together with your name, full postal address and e-mail address, to:

Liberator Publications
Flat 1
24 Alexandra Grove
London N4 2LF

4) By standing order – If you have a UK bank account, you may subscribe by standing order. Please download and print out this form, fill it in and post it to:

Liberator Publications
Flat 1
24 Alexandra Grove
London N4 2LF

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