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Liberator booklets
22 July 2004 (08:06:23)

Liberator publishes a small range of booklets. These are normally available for sale at our various conference stands but may also be ordered by mail.

There are three booklets available: the Liberator Songbook ; Liberalism - something to shout about ; and the Passports to Liberty series.

Liberator Songbook

The Liberator Songbook contains the words to many political songs, old and new, sung at the Liberal Democrat conference ‘Glee Club’.

The latest edition (the 23rd) is available for £4.00 from Liberator’s stall at Liberal Democrat conferences, or by mail order (price £5.00 each including postage for UK addresses; £5.50 each including postage for overseas addresses). You can order a copy online with PayPal or by mail order from:

Flat 1
24 Alexandra Grove
London N4 2LF

Make cheques payable to ‘Liberator Publications’.

Liberalism – something to shout about

Published in September 2006, Liberalism – something to shout about (subtitled Beyond Incrementalism: Can the Liberal Democrats ‘meet the challenge’?) is a collection of essays edited by Graham Watson MEP and Simon Titley, and written by leading Liberal Democrat thinkers at a time when the party is concluding its policy review, Meeting the Challenge. In a refreshing series of polemics, the authors argue that this policy review implies a strategic gearshift with profound implications for the party’s policy-making and campaigning, which will require considerable courage if it is to be taken to its logical conclusion.

Copies can be ordered by mail (price £5.50 each including postage for UK addresses, £6 overseas) from:

Flat 1
24 Alexandra Grove
London N4 2LF

Make cheques payable to ‘Liberator Publications’

Passports to Liberty

Passports to Liberty is an occasional series of essays, edited by Kiron Reid and Bill le Breton. Each booklet contains two essays. There have been six editions published so far:

  1. A Rough Guide to Liberalism’ by Kiron Reid and ‘The Road to Tatton’ by Bill le Breton (published 1997).
  2. Welfare and Liberty’ by Conrad Russell and ‘Liberalism in Your Street’ by John Tilley (published 1998).
  3. The Politics of Community’ by Jackie Ballard and ‘Love and Liberty’ by Alex Wilcock (published 1999).
  4. After Community Politics’ by David Boyle and ‘Healthy Living – A Most Illiberal Concept’ by Jeremy Chowings (published 2000).
  5. Liberals and the Global Economy’ by Bernard Salmon and ‘Defending Families’ by Jonathan Calder (published 2003).
  6. A Different Country Now’ - comprising ‘Spin’ by Adrian Sanders MP and ‘Cohesive Communities’ by David Boyle & Jonathan Calder (published 2005).

Copies of Passports to Liberty can be ordered by mail (price £3.50 each including postage for UK addresses, £4 overseas) from:

Kiron Reid
48 Abbeygate Apartments
Wavertree Gardens
High Street
Liverpool L15 8HB

Make cheques payable to ‘Liberator Publications’.

Note that stocks of Passports to Liberty nos. 1 to 4 are limited - please email Kiron Reid at to check for availability before placing your order.


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